We are a performance driven culture; we value the output of our workforce and an enabling environment to work in a safe and secure environment. The Directors and Management provide have provided all staff the access to communicate their requirements both personal and work related to discuss better and convenient facilities.

Our people are the key to the success of Asia Bike. The combined passion of our colleagues has made us what we are today.


We value all our employees and we provide equal opportunity for any candidates in recruitment or the career progression without any prejudice based on any variable factors. We accommodate people with different abilities around 10 % of our staff constitute of differently abled employees.


Wasantha Paint Section
Gamini – Wheel Section
Nandini – Saddle Section Assembly

I have developed myself working at Asiabike both financially and with experience in painting departments, from humble beginnings of a thatched house to a respectable standard of living for my family. MD has given me guidance and helped me in our life and imparted knowledge in improving Paint output.


I started work more than 20 years back as a trainee and now I am a critical paint staff, imparting knowledge I gained to new employees and I am grateful to Asiabike for the opportunity and wish the well for the company.

I started working 22 years ago as a Wheel truing worker and have worked in all departments at Asiabike and currently possess wide experience in bicycle manufacturing. I am very satisfied with the company’s contributions and it has helped me in our lives and we wish the company will provide well for the welfare of all employees.

I have over 05 years experience now in Saddle section, and I remember starting my work as a trainee when I was fresh to the bicycle parts and components. Now I am leading the saddle section by preparing the required saddles fro different models with confidence. Working at Asiabike has helped me provide my Children with decent Education and the extra income has helped our family lives to manage our finance requirements.


The Top Management and Supervisors have been very supportive in our work enabling us to work peacefully without any undue pressure.


I have 33 years of experience in Bicycle manufacturing starting my work as a fresher at the former company under Chairman and being shifted to Asiabike; I have garnered fruitful experience in all aspects of bicycle manufacturing having worked in Assembly, Wheel and Welding. Currently being the Team Leader handle staff at welding section to achieve output and maintain quality standards.

Hard work and Trustful relationships has given me fruitful benefits at Asiabike being given recognition in 2011 by management for being an important worker at Asiabike.

11 years experience at Asiabike, starting work as a helper. I was able to obtain training in all aspects of bicycle manufacturing through work at Assembly, Paint and Wheel departments. I have obtained good experience in working at a large company and realized the importance of working in teams and achieving outputs. I am very satisfied with the work and expect the best for Asiabike and Employees.

15 years of experience at Asiabike, started working when I was a Footballer playing for SLICO Football Club through the assistance of Director I joined Asiabike. Now I am a Team Leader at Assembly section. I am happy that I obtained rewarding experience at all sections and the trust placed on me by the management of Asiabike. We have improved through work experience both financially and in personal lives and wish Asiabike all success.


Our continued growth ensures that our highly skilled people are constantly challenged and rewarded as new opportunities unfold.

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